Athletics, Learning & Leadership

This program will enhance programming and target services for at-risk multicultural youth. Our ALL (Athletics Learning Leadership) program is focused on the fundamentals of life impacting the world, community, family, and ultimately the individual, while cultivating a healthy spirit of fun and sportsmanship. The program will consist of these components: learning life skills workshops, mentoring, sports and leadership.



Intervention Incentive Achievement - Collaboration w/ ICCE (Itasca Community College Engineering) Grand Rapids, MN.

This program will focus upon, but not be exclusive to, Non Traditional STEM (NTSTEM) high school students. By NTSTEM we mean any student coming from a family, cultural or economic background with little or no immediate connection to college education and certainly none to STEM related careers such as engineering or science-math teaching.



Thinking, Engineering, Science, Technology and Sports

This is a combination of the elements of the sports experience that are synthesized with character education, skills acquisition, academic subjects or other enrichment themes. (How to send the basketball on a perfect trajectory to teach physics, Baseball statistics are used to teach math skills; a Scuba Diving course incorporates the rudiments of marine biology/oceanography, etc.).



Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Math

A Team of Scientist, Artist and Business Professionals that help students product design and pitch it to companies. To teach the next generation of tomorrows business leaders and executive employees how to be entrepreneurial & intrapreneurial.


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Our Past, Present & Future

5 Areas of NEED

  • The demand for STEM education in the workplace and technological society
  • The delinquent society that has failed to keep pace with the world conditions that it has created
  • The science-based lifestyles and falling behind even lesser-developed nations in educational standards
  • The unserved and underserved demographic of minority students promising to become the national majority
  • The social, legal, moral and financial consequences of these conditions

What is E.D.G.E.?

E.D.G.E. stands for Excel, Dreams, Goals and Education. Through these four principles the mission of our youth programs is to develop and strengthen the positive character, social, and physical qualities of each participant. We utilize four areas in youth leadership development: After/During School, Mentoring, Prevention, and Recreation.

A.T.E. Impact

In 2013-14, ATE allocated 72% of its organizational budget to program expenses.


97% of our participants said they learned what it takes to be a leader


In mid-2014, pre/post-test comparisons of 100 students of color participating in IIA showed that the portion who were interested in pursuing a STEM career increased from 54% to 79%