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“Life is short; maximize today, 'cause once it's gone, it's gone forever.”
Above the E.D.G.E. is a Youth & Adult Development institution, as well as a successful Youth & Corporate Development system.

Transformational change happens, and the tipping point is often simple. In this case, a practical system is developed for the simple purpose of putting our kids, and thus our future,
It all happens when you really think about the depth of these four words:

EXCEL – To vigorously pursue excellence

Dream – To imagine

Goals – To plan

Education – To study

This is the E.D.G.E. And the result is the same as the pursued results of the “best practices” research in the Youth Development Industry: Healthy, successful, career engaged youth & young adults; for that is where America’s future opportunity resides.

Above the E.D.G.E. serves as a hybrid within the Youth Development Industry which compliments the curriculum and activities of: vocational & all other fundamental schools, specialized youth development services, tutoring services, sports & youth activity leagues, and counseling groups.

Above the E.D.G.E. is constructed to extend beyond the confines of just sports and will create bridges to all industries and activities. All industries are kindred through the E.D.G.E. principles.

Above the E.D.G.E. will take those elements of industry differentiation to develop an operational position of an organization that: Connects, Educates, and Inspires.

As a matter of service positioning we want people to say: 

-Above the E.D.G.E. helped my child connect with a broader base of people and programs that pull her/him down the line towards their goal of what they want to be when they grow up. In addition, Above the E.D.G.E. provided a fun environment with which my child could connect with her/his peers.

-Above the E.D.G.E. provided the educational framework, foundation, and key-points through drawing relationships between my child‘s current interests and current professional dreams.

-Above the E.D.G.E. clarified the vision of my child‘s future so that they can see a clearer pathway to success. My child is now inspired to apply the E.D.G.E. Principles to each of her/his interests in life, and knows the challenge can be accomplished.

10% of U.S. Pregnancies are birthed to Teenagers

Gang Membership in 2000 was 750,000…in 2009, 1 Million!

70-80% of youth drop out of sports by age 15